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Welcome to Jumedas.com

The following pages are for your information about the performance of my trading strategies.

In the sunny year 2002 I had the reckless idea, to earn my future income at the stock market. Opportunities looked bright, risks were ignored and sky was the limit.

With great expectation I entered the slippery floor of the next stock exchange and started my rollercoaster ride at the financial markets. My ego enjoyed the success of the first profits and losses were hidden in a corner.

This is where an average trading career is ending. I was lucky and learned quite in time the blessings of money management and risk control. This is how I could reserve a seat in the life saving boat of the following draw-down. Surviving is essential.

You will find in the trading rooms three kinds of traders. Young losers, young winners, old winners - but no old losers. That is why surviving is essential. Until you have enough experience to swim with the sharks ...

And old trading pros have only three kinds of trades. Small profits, large profits, small losses - but no large losses !!! So the trick is actually very simple - cut your losses short. This was my new religion.

Each large loss started as a small loss. In this stage you can cut the loss with no pain. After I have understood that, I only took care for my unfavourable trades - nobody ever died because a winning trade was too large.

The following pages shall prepare you a little bit about what expects you at turbulent desks, floors and pits. But of course you don't have to attend the arena - no one is forced. I have warned you ...

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